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Meet uKit AI at Geek Picnic 2017

Geek Picnic, one of the largest science and technology open air festivals in Eastern Europe, has invited our team to give a talk and show how to improve websites with the help of neural networks.

Over 100,000 people are attending the series of Geek Picnic festivals this year to learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning in an accessible and visually compelling form.

At the events, uKit AI will demonstrate how cutting-edge technologies help web design professionals and regular website owners to build and redesign web pages.

The project will be present with a booth in the startup zone:

June 17-18 — Moscow — Kolomenskoye Park

June 24-25 — St. Petersburg — Pulkovsky Park

You will see a computer take a website that is poor in terms of mobile optimization and content:

And without any human intervention turn it into a modern, eye-catching, user-friendly website that is effective for running business:

…in minutes.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the uKit AI booth.

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